SM Player APK For Android Download

SM Player APK For Android Download
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Get the latest APK of SMPlayer from this page absolutely free. Basically, SM player offers a complete suite of tools for audio, video and radio lovers. It includes an advanced media player with built-in codecs, a YouTube search and download component and a subtitles manager.

The program remembers the settings of all files you play, so you can resume watching a movie where you left off even if you quit SMPlayer for a moment. It also supports skins and icon themes.

Video Player

SM Player is a free multimedia player that works on both Windows and Linux. It features a wide range of video functionality including image and audio filters, mirroring and flipping the video image, multiple speed playback (2X, 4X, slow motion), search for online media on YouTube and even support for karaoke files (voice removal).

The software is built upon MPlayer which allows it to play almost all common audio and video formats without the need to install external codecs. What’s more, the program remembers the settings for every file that you open. If you close the movie because of fatigue and want to watch it again, SM Player will resume from exactly the same point where you left off with the same subtitles and audio track.

SM Player supports hardware acceleration for all supported formats. Easily zoom and pan by pinching or swiping on the screen. It also supports a wide variety of subtitle formats, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.


SMPlayer is a GUI front-end for the powerful MPlayer, which itself can play almost any file. It includes a wide range of options to customize your viewing experience. For example, you can synchronize the audio and video track or download and install subtitles. It can also automatically find YouTube videos’ subtitles.

SMPlayer can play all audio and video formats without the need for external codecs. It can also remember the settings of files you have previously opened – for example, if you close a movie in SMPlayer but then open it again it will resume from where you left off with all the original settings.

Besides basic functionality, SMPlayer includes many advanced features such as multiple speed playback (like 2X or 4X), mouse scrolling and audio track switching. It can also be personalized thanks to different skins and a selection of image and sound filters. The program is available for most Linux distributions, Free BSDs including NetBSD and DragonFly BSD, and as binary packages for Windows.

Video Editor

SM Player is an all-in-one multimedia program for Windows, built on MPlayer and providing codec free playback of most audio and video files. The program has many advanced features including mouse wheel navigation, multiple speed playback (2X, 4X etc) and various filters (deinterlace, postprocessing, denoise, karaoke, voice removal).

Another useful feature of the software is that it remembers settings for every file played. So if you stop watching a movie and close the app, when you open it again it will resume where you left off.

Moreover, SMPlayer can also be used as a media center with support for streaming and recording. This gives you the ability to play back your favorite movies and TV shows from any device connected to your home network, even if they are stored on an external storage device. Furthermore, the program allows you to change various display and media settings from the comfort of your couch. This includes video size, zoom, aspect ratio and mirroring.

SM Player – Audio Editor APK

SM Player is a free media player that supports all major video and audio formats and doesn’t require external codecs. It is a graphical frontend for the powerful MPlayer and includes advanced options that enhance your viewing experience. For example, it remembers the settings of all files you play, so if you close it while watching a movie and open it again, the program will resume where you left off, with the same audio track and subtitles.

Another cool feature is that it allows you to change the playback speed, so you can watch videos at 0.5x or 2.0x without losing quality. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy multitasking by enabling a floating video window that can be moved around and over other apps. Other functions include image filters, mirroring, cropping and rotating the picture, and more. It also supports karaoke, and can automatically find and download subtitles. It is available in over 30 languages.